Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Lidded Small Jar


A small jar with a lid, fired in the early Joseon dynasty. It exhibits a jewel-shaped body with a potter’s wheel, and fine grits are attached to the bottom. The glaze, covering the entire body and lid, produces a delicate gradation in white, grey, and scarlet hues. The work’s craftsmanship and quality are comparable to the official kiln’s works of its time, suggesting its practical use for the Yangban (ruling class) rather than ceremonial purposes. This piece is satisfying for daily viewing and well-suited for repurposing as a tea caddy.

The lid’s top features a slightly matte finish and bears several pinholes. There is a gentle distortion and some scratches on the interior. However, the body exhibits no conspicuous defects and maintains an overall good condition.

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