Taishu Ware Teabowl


A Taishu ware teabowl fired in the middle of the Edo period. This piece is crafted from soft pottery clay, it has a substantial weight, and the entire surface, including the bottom of the foot, is adorned with glaze. The well exhibits four distinctive spur marks, and the sturdy impression is accentuated by a Takebushi (bamboo joint) foot.

While embodying a style favoured by tea masters, it retains the character of household wares. Therefore it might be possible that it originated from Gimhae, situated in Gyeongsangnam-do, the same region as the Busan kiln (Wakan kiln). The stains from years of use have dyed its skin a loquat color, further enhancing its gentle impression.

Several hairlines, one resembling a bird’s foot, are visible on the lip. Additionally, minor chips are present on the lip, with black lacquer restored on the interior side. Despite these age-related imperfections, the teabowl exudes an heirloom charm. It comes accompanied by a box.

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