Ming Dynasty Cizhou Ware White-Ground Black-Painted Jar with Flower Pattern


A Cizhou ware jar adorned with black patterns on a white background, fired in Pengcheng Town during the Ming dynasty. Exhibiting a cylindrical shape with subtly stretched shoulders, it features flower patterns executed with swift strokes. The exterior boasts a glossy transparent glaze, while the interior is coated with an iron glaze, leaving the bottom exposed. During this period, Cizhou kilns, though diminished from their Song and Yuan dynasty prominence, played a vital role in crafting household items for the common populace. This piece encapsulates the allure of private kilns, with its bold paintings and numerous stains adding character.

There is a chip on the base, resembling a spur mark. Additionally, a chip on the mouth and some glaze flaking occurred during the kiln process, but the overall condition is generally good.

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