Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Gyeryongsan Kiln Mishima Type Dish


A Buncheong ware Mishima-type (Inwa Buncheong) dish crafted in the Gyeryongsan kiln during the early Joseon dynasty. This piece is distinguished by its exquisite inlay and thick brush marks present on both the front and back. While the Gyeryongsan kiln is renowned for its iron-painted brushmark slip known as E-Hakeme works, they produced a diverse range of designs, including Mishima-type pieces like this piece, white porcelain, and Kuro-Korai (black glazed ware). The iron-rich clay, thin body, and highly glossy transparent glaze are characteristic features of this kiln, with pot shards of the same type utilized in the restoration of parts. The body’s slight distortion adds a measured depth, making it well-suited as a flat sake cup.

There is an attached trace on the lip and a grit attached on the side. Some lip chips have been skillfully repaired with Kintsugi. The piece is accompanied by a box.

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