Qing Dynasty Cizhou-type Blue and White Teacups with Calender Pattern, Set of 3


Tea cups set of three made in the Shanxi region during the Qing dynasty. White slip is applied to the soft clay, transparent glaze is applied on striped patterns with cobalt. This painting imitates the calendar pattern of Jingdezhen, and is a typical design on plates and bowls, but it is rarely depicted on tea cups. Furthermore, these small tea cups themselves are used for drinking tea in the Fujian and Guangdong regions, and there are few similar examples in northern China. The simple and generous construction makes each piece stand out with its own individuality.

Gintsugi restoration is applied on two of them. Other than that, minor kiln scratches and chips are present, though they do little to detract from the overall beauty and integrity of the set. It comes with a box.

  • Repaired by

    Kintsugi Ryuin

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