Agano Ware Iwaya-Korai Kiln Straw Ash Glazed Pleated Plate


A pleated plate fired in the Agano ware Iwaya Korai kiln in the early Edo period. Using reddish-brown clay with a high iron content, a straw ash glaze is applied except for the foot. The rim forms wavey shape, and the backside has suttble potters wheel marks. One of Agano ware kiln of this kiln that was opened at 1607 following the primary Kamanoguchi kiln, and produced high-quality everyday utensils mainly for the commoners. The pleating technique of forming the rim is called ‘Ennaburi’, also seen in the Uchigaiso kiln of Takatori ware, and best embodies the similarities between the two kilns.

Because it is a heirloom piece, it does not have a rough surface ageing, and its skin remains lustrous. There are several minor chips on the rim, but the condition is generally good.

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