Northern Song Dynasty Xichun Kiln Qingbai Ware Bowl

¥130,000 JPY

A Qingbai ware bowl fired in the Guangzhou Xichun kiln during the Northern Song dynasty. Exhibiting a rounded form elevated on a low platform, it is enveloped in a transparent glaze boasting a delicate pale blue-green tint. Originally intended as an incense burner, evidenced by the unglazed center, it has since been repurposed as a cherished tea bowl.

The Xichun Kiln, once situated in Xichun, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, flourished during the Northern Song dynasty, producing celadon and Qingbai ware influenced by Yuezhou and Jingdezhen Hutian kilns. These wares were highly sought-after in South Sea regions. However, with the shift of the main port of departure to Quanzhou, Fujian Province, during the Southern Song dynasty, the Xichun kiln experienced a decline in prominence. Nevertheless, this piece stands as a remarkable testament to its legacy, showcasing a distinctive rough comb pattern reminiscent of Doan kiln style celadon, known as Juko-seiji in Japan. Its rich glaze texture, akin to the layered stains of Gohon ware, further enhances its allure.

While the glaze around the mouth has been partially wiped off due to the upside-down firing method, and a hairline crack is visible on the base, no leakage is present. Despite its age, the glaze retains a captivating lustre. Housed in an aged box labelled “Song celadon cylindrical bowl.”

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