Early Imari Blue and White Porcelain Plate with Chrysanthemum Design


An Early Imari plate crafted from the 1630s to 1640s. A chrysanthemum pattern is drawn in the centre of the front face, surrounded with fresh depictions evoking the gentle movement of flowers in the wind or the subtle caress of a breeze, adding a dynamic element to the design. While chrysanthemum motifs were occasionally featured in Early Imari paintings, the rarity of this particular design enhances its allure and uniqueness. Complementing the decoration is a low-fired glaze, promising to deepen in character with each use, adding to the plate’s inherent charm.

Visible crackle glaze lines occurred on the front and back surfaces, adding a subtle texture and depth to the piece. The plate remains in generally good condition despite minor imperfections, such as a few chips along the rim and extended hairlines.

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