Qing Dynasty Black Glazed Bottle with Incised Wavy Pattern

¥36,000 JPY

A bottle made in northern Shanxi or Shaanxi during the mid-Qing dynasty. Formed in a graceful drop-like shape that tapers towards the mouth, the bottle features a striking black glaze except for the bottom. The bottle’s surface is adorned with a wavy pattern intricately carved onto the glaze. Two lines are delicately incised above and below the wavy pattern, adding further dimension and visual interest to the design. Drawing inspiration from historical precedents, such as black glaze line carvings fired during the Jin dynasty and the prevalent use of wavy patterns in the Lingwu kilns of Xixia (present-day Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region), this bottle embodies a continuum of aesthetic tradition in Northwestern China.

The bottle remains remarkably well-preserved, with no dirt or odour present. Minor chips along the base are the only noticeable defects, and the condition is excellent.

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