Karatsu Ware Shiinomine Kiln Yellow Glazed Dish with Splashed Green Decoration


A Kogaratsu dish fired in the Shiinomine kiln in the early Edo period. The vessel has a deep shape, and the pale yellow glaze extends to the sides of the base. The copper-green glaze applied with a ladle turns into a vivid emerald green, and there is the snake-eyed stacking ring-mark in the centre. This fine piece has lyrical, light atmosphere characteristics of the kiln, which brought together a variety of techniques.

It is an excavated inherited piece. There are some hairlines and minor chips on the rim, and a shaving on the footring, but all of them have worn in over time.

*This piece will be on the showcase “The Snake’s Eye: A Study of the Transmitting Circular Rings” and will be available for shipment in early June.

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