Karatsu Ware E-Karatsu Style Mukozuke Dish with Bamboo Leaf and Blossom Design in Underglaze Iron and Blue


An E-Karatsu diamond-shaped cup fired in the early Edo period. It was made as a cylindrical mukozuke dish with a Gokezoko base. A dynamic bamboo leaf design is drawn with iron, and two blossoms are drawn with cobalt. The feldspar glaze that is applied entirely except the bottom of the foot has a withered color and spotted pale pink tone. This is a rare example of using cobalt for Karatsu ware at that time, but it has been recognized in the work of the Shiinomine kiln.

It seems that it was initially one of a set and has a luster on the skin peculiar to the inherited piece. There are several glaze flakings on the side of the base and hip but no other noticeable defects. Comes with a box.

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