Goryeo Celadon Plate with Inlaid Chrysanthemum Design


A celadon plate fired during the Goryeo period. The plate features a flat body with a rising lip, and its celadon glaze imparts a refreshing, serene colour. The front face is adorned with an inlaid Nyoi-tou (head of Buddhism wand) pattern in white slip, while the exterior is applied chrysanthemum patterns in black and white slip.

Despite being created during a time when the influences of the Yuan dynasty tended to make shapes rough and robust, this plate stands out with its thin, elegant form and neat appearance. Measuring just under 10cm in diameter and with enough depth, it is well-suited for use as a sake vessel.

The plate is in good condition, with no noticeable defects apart from a partially rough surface. It comes with a box.

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