Goryeo Celadon Inlaid Chrysanthemum Plate | Korea, 13C


A celadon plate fired during the Goryeo dynasty. The base treatment shows the influence of Ru ware is characteristic of the middle of the dynasty, and the sides are inlaid with Goryeo’s unique technique of the combination of white and black clay. At that time, the kiln sites of Goryeo celadon were concentrated in two locations, Gangjin-gun and Buan-gun, so it was probably produced in one of them. The celadon glaze filled with deep blue-green is proper to be called prized Jade-cloured Celadon.

There is no inlaid design on the front side, and it may have been used as a saucer for bowls or cups. The condition is good, although there is a possibility that the hairlines are included in the crackle glazes.

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