Scent of Node: 東風 East wind

¥3,300 JPY

After the dynasty was ruined, the potters were dispersed across the land. As vagabonds, they moved from place to place and lived by making pottery.
Day by day, they were anguished by poverty and oppression. Gradually they began to seek salvation across the sea, finally crossing the strait.

Incense cone “Scent of Node: 東風 East wind” was made imagining the scent that the potters who were walking in the mountains of a foreign land would have smelled wafting through the trees from the temple. For the vagabonds, this was the first scent they experienced in a new land, but it was also the nostalgic scent which they had once smelled in their home land.

* Each incense cone is handmade one by one, there may be some variations in size and quality.
* Because the incense contains essential oils, the burnt ash will stick on the incense plate. If you are concerned, please prepare an incense stand separately.
* Although spots may occur on the surface, it comes from the ingredients and there is no problem in terms of quality.

handmade by crystal gangsta

Content: 15 pieces of the incense cone and a Karatsu ware potsherd
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