Jin Dynasty Cizhou Ware Double Handled Jar with Transparent Glaze on White Slip


A double-handled jar fired in the main kiln of Cizou ware, Guantaizhen, in southern Hebei during the Jin Dynasty. It has a rounded shape with two handles, and the white slip body is covered with transparent glaze.

The increase in this types of vessels that emphasized storage was against the backdrop of the agriculturalization of the Jurchen society, which contrasted with the Liao dynasty, ruled by the Khitan people, when most of the vessels were long in shape and suitable for carrying. The thin and evenly applied glaze is characteristic of the Song and Jin dynasties. From the Yuan Dynasty onwards, the glaze layer becomes thicker, and the vessel shape changes to suit the needs of daily utensils.

There are no notable defects and the condition is good.

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