Sawankhalok Ware Tea Bowl with Iron Painting | Thailand, 15-16C


A bowl probably made in the Sawankhalok kiln at the end of the Sukhothai dynasty. The style of applying iron painting on engobe resembles Cizhou ware in North China, but the Thai iron glaze made from paddy mud and wood ash was easy to bleed and drip, and it is occured on this bowl.

The pattern on inside the bowl that looks like a petal or the sun is fully abstracted, and the deep green color of the glaze creates such elegant imperfection. It can be guesstimated that it was made as the ordered items by Japanese tea masters which was the case some of Annamese wares were.

Many bowls from Thailand are relatively large, and those that can be used as tea bowls are quite rare. There are no notable defects other than two minor Kintsugi repairs on the lip and crack from the kiln process. It is an inherited excavated piece, comes with a wooden box.

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