Sukhothai Kingdom Sawankhalok Ware Teabowl with Solar-whorl Design in Underglaze Iron


A bowl fired in the Sawankhalok during the Sukhothai kingdom. The white slip was applied on the brown clay mixed with gravel and drew a solar-whorl pattern on the well and ring lines on the exterior. There is a legend that the Cizhou ware potters brought the underglaze-iron technique in the Sukhothai Kingdom. On the other hand, there is a theory that it was influenced by the Tran Dynasty (Vietnam), which already introduced the Cizhou ware technique. The Thai iron glaze made from paddy mud and wood ash was easy to bleed and drip, producing a wabi-sabi taste.

An excavated inherited piece seems to be used for many years in the tea ceremony. There are no notable defects other than the kiln scratches and a few repairs on the rim. Come with a box.

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