Joseon Dynasty Hoeryong Ware Flower Vase Covered with Ash Glaze


A turnip-shaped bottle baked in North Hamgyong, Zhu South, Myongchon-Hoeryong. There are bluish spots of straw ash on the thick dark green glaze. Inferring from the entirely glazed base, it is probably the work after the middle of the Joseon dynasty.

The Southern Song Dynasty Guan ware-style crane neck, which rises vertically from the body, is a design that was used retrospectively in the Qing dynasty at that time in China. It indicates that Korea had been confronting the Manchu people but gradually strengthening its relationship with the Qing dynasty.

There might be a few hairlines mixing in the crackle glaze, but there are no cracks or chips and no water leaks. The heavy and dense atmosphere of this vase would further enhance the spring wildflowers.

W8.5cm × H16cm
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