Si Satchanalai Ware Mon Pottery Celadon Cup | Thailand, 13-14C


A mesmerising ritual cup fired in the Si Satchanalai kiln in the early Sukhothai period. The brown clay, dark greenish celadon glaze and flat bottom scraped in the centre are characteristic of Mon people’s pottery technique, which is different from the Sukhothai trading pottery of the 14th century and later. Although it is thought that this ritual ware was produced to meet the demands of the Tai people cultural area, the plain surface and the curvy treatment of the rim are reminiscent of Khmer pottery.

Possibly, there are some hairlines in the crackle glaze, but the condition is generally good. There are no notable defects other than kiln alterations and minor glaze flakes. It is suitable for both a serene teacup and a tasteful sake cup.

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