Takatori Ware Takuma Kiln Small Dish with Sea Cucumber Glaze


A flat sake cup baked in the Takatori ware Takuma kiln (1606-1619), which is said to be the predecessor of the Uchigaiso kiln. It has an angled rim shape, and the matte black glaze and straw ash glaze peculiar to this kiln praise a tranquil beauty of natural kiln alteration. The Eimanji Takuma kiln, where the North Korean potter was involved in establishing, laid the foundation for tea pottery Takatori, mainly producing household goods. The low, uncarved base is a good indication of the characteristics of this kiln, and the right swirl mark on the bottom is also seen in later Takatori ware.

A flat sake cup which is enjoyable the taste of the Kyushu old kiln. There are minor flaws and shavings on the base and the crack on the body occurred during the kiln process can be seen, but the condition is generally good. Comes with the old lacquered box.

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