Tamba Ware Black Glazed Lipped Bowl


A Katakuchi Chawan (lipped bowl) baked in Tamba in the middle of the Edo period. It has a cylindrical shape with a round rim and is given a black-brown glaze with spots on which Akadobe (reddish-brown glaze) and earth ash are layered. The cut base with a nail carving swirl mark shows the influence of the tea ceremony. And also, the fact that the sake brewing industry was thriving around the area and the capacity of this bowl is sufficient for the sake, it was probably expected to be used as a sake set. In Tamba ware at that time, there were many examples inspired by other fork tools other than pottery, and the shape of this piece is reminiscent of a bamboo basket.

The condition is excellent without noticeable defects. It has a inherited taste that tells how it was admired. Comes with an old box with the inscription “十二”.

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