Mino Ware Dish with Chrysanthemum Design in Underglaze Iron and Blue


A Mino ware dish baked in the early Edo period. A ring line that uses both cobalt and iron oxide is drawn on the outside of the unglazed ring mark, with a printing in the centre and a hand-painted chrysanthemum on the rim side. It was probably made from the same Mino Kiyoanji kiln as the early Ofuke ware because of the design using the painting and the soft glaze with a bluish tint. A significant example connects Mino pottery in the early Edo period with the Seto-hongyo kiln in the late Edo period, in response to Shino-oribe and E-seto.

There are two hairlines on the rim (one of which is bird finger-shaped), another short hairline that does not pass through the back, and several minor chips that were repaired with lacquer, but the condition is generally good.

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