Jin Dynasty Lushan Duandian Ware White Glazed Bowl with Black Rim


A bowl excavated at the Lushan Duandian kiln in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. Applying white slip to the taupe clay and cover the rim with black glaze. There is a circular glaze scraping mark left on the inside bowl.

The Lushan Duandian kiln is known for producing ‘Flower glaze’ (splashed white glaze on the brown-black glaze) in the Tang dynasty, but after the Northern Song dynasty, the kiln was developed into a large-scale kiln that incorporates various designs from the same period, such as the Cizhou ware and Jun ware. This work, which is a black-and-white reversal of the black-glazed white-covered ring bowl of the Cizhou ware, is also from this period, and is a rare example of the originality of this kiln.

Although it is an excavated item, it has less ageing and maintains a glossy surface. There are no noticeable defects other than a minor flaw from the kiln process and a small chip on the edge of the mouth, and a hairline. Come with a storage box.

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