Taishu Ware White Porcelain Plates, Set of 5


Taishu ware plates set of 5, fired in the middle of the Edo period. It has a transparent glaze similar to white porcelain from Gimhae and layered firing marks on the centre of the front and the footring.

The Busan kiln, under the direct control of the Taishu clan, was produced only the offering and gift products, and the private kiln in Tsushima made tea pottery for sale, and the Taishu official kiln was moved to Tsushima after the Busan kiln was closed in the 3rd year of Kyoho (1718). The works of the Busan and Taishu was closely related and are similar, so it is difficult to judge this piece was made in which kiln. While the precise uniform sizes and shapes show the high quality, the irregular crackle glazes give various colouring and ageing, adding individuality to each dish.

It seems that they had already been used in the tea ceremony, one of them has a minor chip from the kiln process on the base but none of them has any noticeable defects and are in good condition. Come with a storage box.

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