Northern and Southern Dynasties Celadon Bowl


A celadon bowl fired during the Northern and Southern dynasties period. It has a flat-bottomed base, and a well-coloured celadon glaze is applied until the base’s side. Three marks remain in the centre of the bowl, and two ring lines circle them.

While multiple dynasties repeatedly rose and fell at that time, the Yue ware’s technique spread and celadon became widespread throughout the country. This work, which still followed a bronze-like design, is probably from the southwest or north China, far from the Yue ware production. The original use was inferred to be a ritual vessel, but the high fired wall is hard and thin and withstands practical use.

Some black spots occurred due to the adhesion of iron in the glaze during the firing process. There are no noticeable defects other than the ageing and soil adhesion and a repair of a minor chip on the mouth. Come with a storage box.

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