Ming Dynasty Ko-sometsuke Blue and White and Copper-red Dish with “Three Friends of Winter” Design


A Ko-sometsuke dish fired in a private kiln of Jingdezhen in the late Ming dynasty. This type of piece is a rare example called especially in Japan “Senkô-de”, using the technique Yuurikô (underglaze red), and it seems that the name is derived from the painting style “Senkô-Sansui (red in landscape)” ink painting with a pale colour of Venetian red. Using cobalt and copper properly, a motif of “Three Friends of Winter” was drawn, symbolising steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience, but with the subtle and profound beauty expression that sways in the moonlit night.

There are Mushikui and Frimono generated during the kiln process. The rim has several minor chips but no other noticeable defects.

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