Karatsu Ware Oku-Gōrai Teabowl, Named “Tsuyu”


A Kogaratsu Oku-Gōrai Chawan fired in the early Edo period. It is an old excavated piece with the name “Tsuyu (dew)”, and the kiln is probably Matsuura or northern Takeo, Karatsu.

Tea masters have treasured Oku-Gōrai tea bowls, which was the style that emulates Korean tea bowls, as the high valued in Karatsu wares. However, it has a certain mystery that the definition is still unclear because the production sites are multiple, and the styles are various.

This tea bowl is slightly small in size as the Oku-Gōrai tea bowl. The vessel shape is the slightly inward rim and taut-hipped body. It can be presumable that it was made as a piece of tea pottery because the exposed part is widely taken, and there is no marks on the base and the bowl inside. Multiple glazes formed drops on the loquat-coloured skin caused by the oxidative flame, and the dew-shaped gold is repaired to overlap them.

With a Shifuku (silk pouch with drawstring), it stored in an old box with the description “奥高麗 (Oku-Gōrai) 茶碗 (Teabowl)” in the silver letters “露 (Dew)” in the gold letters.

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