Karatsu Ware Oku-Gōrai Teabowl, Named “Tsuyu”


A Kogaratsu Oku-Gōrai Chawan fired in the early Edo period. It is an old excavated piece with the name “Tsuyu (dew)”, and the kiln is probably Matsuura or northern Takeo-type.

Tea masters have treasured Oku-Gōrai teabowls, which was the style that emulates Korean teabowls, as the highest praise in Karatsu ware. However, it has a certain mystery that the definition is still unclear because the production sites are multiple, and the styles are various.

This teabowl is slightly small in size than most Oku-Gōrai teabowls. The vessel shape is the slightly inward rim and taut-hipped body. It can be presumable that it was made as a piece of tea pottery because the exposed part is widely taken, and there are no marks on the base and the bowl inside. Multiple glazes formed drops on the loquat-coloured skin caused by the oxidative flame, and the dew-shaped gold was repaired to overlap them.

It fits in a Shifuku (silk pouch with drawstring) and is stored in an old box with the description “奥高麗 (Oku-Gōrai) 茶碗 (Teabowl)” in the silver letters “露 (Dew)” in the gold letters.

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