Takatori Ware Enshu-Takatori Style Ash Glazed Lipped Bowl


A Takatori ware Katakuchi lipped bowl fired in the early to middle Edo period. It rises from a large but elaborate base in an inverted trapezium shape and has a sharp spout like a bumboo pipe. An ash glaze with shade was applied until the hip, placed a small Kagamiochi and left four clay marks inside the bowl. From the delicate clay and the simple but elegant style, it is considered the work of the Shirahatayama kiln produced for the “Kirei (elegance) Sabi, elegance-oriented wabi-sabi, of the Enshu style.

The sticking marks on the rim and the glaze cuts are also part of the scenery. There are no noticeable defects other than minor chips on the base, and the condition is excellent. Come with a Shifuku and a storage box.

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