Yuan Dynasty Henan Black Glazed Bowl


A black-glazed shallow bowl fired during the Jin to Yuan dynasty. A glossy black glaze is applied on the gravel body clay, and a brown spots design appears in the bowl’s interior. In Japan, this type of black-glazed ware, called Henan-Tenmoku, is fired in various Cizhou-type kilns (including Lushan kilns) spread in northern China centring on Henan province. This piece is relatively thin for daily vessels at that time, and it is neatly made to draw a perfect circle with a beautiful rim. This piece is a Tenmoku bowl that has both dignity and practicality and is easy to incorporate into daily use.

It was a shipwreck item, and dirt is stuck to the exposed bottom. The glaze is slightly aged, but it is generally lustrous, and the Kintsugi on the rim is also a good accent. Come with a storage box.

  • Repaired by

    Kintsugi Ryuin

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