Taishu Ware White Glazed Plates, Set of 8


Plates set of eight, fired in the middle of the Edo period. A linen-coloured cloudy glaze is applied to the iron-rich clay, and multiple crackle-glazed lines run throughout. The box says “Korai-yaki (Korean ware)”, but it is a tea set that was produced in the Busan kiln under the Tsushima feudal clan or in the Tsushima kiln. There are no spurmarks, the striking skin of Tamago-de (egg-like style) yellowish glaze, and the plates are lightweight.

Two of the eight plates have kintsugi repairs on their rim. Other than that, there are no noticeable defects except for unglazed parts and minor flaws during the kiln process. It fits in an old box with the label “Korai Amamori-de”, and there is a description on the back of the lid indicating that it was served at a banquet.

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