Yuan Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware White Slip Bowl with Black Glaze


A two-toned design bowl fired in a Cizhou-type kiln in the Yuan dynasty. It forms a thick body that opens in a V shape, and a black glaze is applied on the wall on the white-slip body. It is thought that this design follows the lineage of the Cizhou type’s “Black glaze with white rim” of the Song dynasty, which was inspired by the wide silver bands affixed to Ding ware. The bowl’s striking feature is the interior filled with white slip in which looks like snowscape, and the spurmarks that look like footprints on it.

Two hairlines extend from the rim, but they have been carefully Kintsugi repaired. There are no noticeable defects other than a few glaze flakings and minor kiln defects. Come with a box.

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