Hanthawaddy Kingdom Tin-lead Green Glazed Cup


A green-glazed cup, originating from the Hanthawaddy Kingdom to the Toungoo dynasty, Burma. The combination of brick-coloured clay and opaque green glaze creates a beautiful contrast. The base forms a flat bottom, leaving three spur-marks in the interior. Many of the Burmese wares currently discovered is white glazed pottery (including green decoration) using tin-lead, and this piece is inferred to be applied by adding copper to tin-lead glaze to make the whole colour green. Burmese pottery has developed distinctively from other Southeast Asian pottery by combining the Mon pottery technique and the glazed technology of the Middle East, but the whole aspect is still unclear.

There is a minor hairline and three recolouring spots on the rim. As an excavated item, the skin is not aged much and it is in good condition. Come with a box.

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