Karatsu Ware Muji-karatsu Teabowl


A Ko-garatsu teabowl fired in a Matsuura kiln around 1600. The ash glaze is applied until the foot and has a splendid loquat colour on the body, and a rough “Kairagi” is formed from the waist down and is regarded as a particular highlight. The “Kirikodai (Cut Foot)”, which is a part of the foot cut off with a spatula, is a design that can be seen in the Korai-chawan (Japanese ordered Korean teabowls) of the same period, but its origin is not clear. Furimono (kiln grits) like a smouldering fire glow the interior and creates magnificent scenery. This is a teabowl that has a lot of highlights.

Some part is dull in colour due to unstable firing during the kiln process. A hairline and three chips have been carefully repaired with Kintsugi. Come with a Shifuku (drawstring pouch) and a box.

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