Cham Ware Brown Glazed Bowl with Leaf Design in Underglaze Iron


A brown glazed bowl fired in a kiln around Binh Dinh Province, central Vietnam. Since the iron painting is very similar to the bamboo leaf pattern of the Trần dynasty Vietnamese ware, it is thought to have been produced around the end of the 15th century when the area became Đại Việt territory from Champa territory. The Fujin trade ceramics also influence this type, but Cham ware is a more delicate paste and has good finishing compared with those from Fujian. The terracotta colour created by the thinly applied ash glaze is unique and has a tasteful reminiscent of the Hindu-style ruins scattered around the area.

The unglazed spots on the rim occurred during the kiln process, but it is in excellent condition as an excavated item. There is less surface ageing, and it keeps a lustrous glaze. Come with a box.

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