Swatow Ware Blue and White Porcelain Plates, Set of 5

¥50,000 JPY

Five sets of blue and white porcelain plates fired in the Zhangzhou kiln in the latter half of the Ming dynasty. Draw a pair of dragons surrounding the jewel with a light brush stroke.

Swatow ware is a general term in Europe and the United States for works of various kilns widely distributed around Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It produced export porcelain that imitated Jingdezhen’s blue-and-white and underglaze enamel. In Japan, the Swatow ware is called Gosu-de (blue and white) and Gosu-Akae (underglaze enamel). This piece is a typical example of the type with a brown base with a cloudy glaze, but all five pieces have entirely different tastes, and there are various craquelure and color. The potsherds of the same design have been excavated in the Xiuzhuanzhen kiln in Zhaoan, the border south of Pinghe County.

There are no noticeable defects except for the minor natural damage during the kiln process, such as Mushikui (unglazed spots) and Furimono (kiln grits). Come with a box.

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