Joseon Dynasty Hoeryong Ware Long-necked Vase


A long-necked vase fired in Hoeryong or Myongchon, North Hamgyong Province, in the latter half of the Joseon dynasty. A scarce example, reminiscent of a Southern Song high-quality celadon vase shape and covered with the area’s typical straw ash glaze.

It is inferred that creating this Chinese Song-Qing-inspired Buddhism vase shape under the dynasty indicated the change in the social situation, such as the abate of the suppression of Buddism and the compromise toward the Qing dynasty. It is rare for the area to apply the entire glaze and the stacking marks on the foot, and it has possibly been made using a Buddha vase.

There is a minor Kintsugi repair on the rim and a recolouring around the base. There is no water leakage, and the condition is generally reasonable.

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