Sukhothai Kingdom Sawankhalok Celadon Pear-shaped Bottle with Fluted Pattern


A celadon bottle fired in the Si Satchanalai kilns, known as Sawankhalok kilns, from the end of the Sukhothai kingdom to the Ayutthaya kingdom. It has a well-proportioned pear-shaped body with delicate fluted patterns and incised floral decoration on the lower body, and leaves a ring spur mark on the inside of the foot.

The Sawankhalok kilns were originally produced unglazed or ash-glazed pottery by the native Mon people. Still, around the 12th century, the Thai people migrated to the area from southern China and started producing pottery as well. After that, they made the underglaze iron decorated wares and Longquan-style celadon through exchanges with China. This piece was fired as export ceramics around the 15th century when Ayutthaya rose, and trade flourished. It shows a Chinese Qingbai ware-like colouration, a departure from the imitation of Longquan celadon.

There are no noticeable defects other than a minor chip on the mouth. And no odour and dirt inside the vessel. Many of these vases are damaged, and it is rare to find them close to perfect condition like this one. It fits in a box.

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