Joseon Dynasty Mishima-type Teabowl with Stamped Design and Inscription


A Bunchong ware stamped design teabowl fired in the early Joseon dynasty. This type of inlaid design is called “Mishima-type” in Japan and “Sanggam Buncheong” in Korea. It has a neat shape with a slightly outwarded lip. The stamped design on the entire surface except around the base, and the inscription of “Jangheung-go”, which means the official in charge of supplying goods, is on the centre of the interior.

Mishima-type with this inscription was offered to the government and is praised for being called “Raihin (respected) Mishima” in Japan. It is of superior quality, much more delicate and detailed than normal Mishima-type, and stamped on the outer surface of the base is another characteristic of this superior type. The finest example of the Mishima teabowl with full of inherited taste and has the perfect size for tea.

There are no noticeable defects other than a minor unglazed spot on the body and chips on the base. It fits in the box labelled “Buncheong Stamped Teabowl” and “Jangheung-go Mishima-type Teabowl”.

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