Goryeo Celadon Dish with Relief Design


A celadon dish fired in the middle of the Goryeo dynasty. A relatively high-quality example from Gangjin or Buan (major production sites of celadon) has the excellent colour tone expected for the Goryeo celadon. The embossing design on the thin body leaves three silica stones marks on the base. These celadons are modelled from the Song wares brought from China, the decoration is from Yaozhou ware, and the shape and base treatment are strongly influenced by Ru ware. On the other hand, Goryeo celadon had been shipped overseas as trade ceramics, and similar sherds of celadon have been found in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province where the celadon developed by Yue ware.

Three hairlines extend from the rim. One has a bifurcated on the rim side (about 5 mm) and is possibly jointed. There is a minor recolouring on the lip and foot. Comes with a box.

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