Qing Dynasty Blue and White Octagonal Bowl


A blue and white bowl fired in the Qing Dynasty. The octagonal shape is reminiscent of the Bagua (eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology). Each face’s paintings draw the combined classic novels such as the Tale of the Pipa and the Water Margin.

Similar examples can be seen in the Zhangzhou kiln, but the kiln was abolished in the early Qing dynasty due to The Great Clearance (1661), the ban on trade and the forced relocation of the residents. This piece was probably fired in kilns around Quanzhou, such as Anxi Kiln and Yongchun Kiln, in the early to mid-Qing dynasty, a little later than Zhangzhou kiln’s closing. It was made of relatively high quality, suggesting the possibility that it was produced for the overseas market. A light and elegant painting style, a lustre and craquelure that shows heirloom taste are the point worthy of note.

There is a short hairline and kiln scratches on the lip. Possibly, minor hairlines are hidden into craquelure, but the condition is generally good. It comes with a box.

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