Three Kingdoms, Gaya Type Stoneware Jar with Incised Wave Pattern


A high-fired pottery jar made in the Three Kingdoms period. A long neck with an incised wave design and a bulbous body. It is hardly baked at high temperatures and has a black surface with a rich, spectacular natural glaze.

Vessel of this type, categorised as Daegaya pottery, has been found not only in the Gaya’s homeland, the central and southern part of the Korean peninsula, but also in Gangwon-do along the central east coast and the burial mounds of the Japanese archipelago. They are thought to have been left by the Gaya people who were forced to emigrate by Silla or escaped from Silla’s rule and are important evidence to trace their movements.

There are chips on the lip. There is a kiln crack on the bottom, but it does not pass inside, and there is no water leakage. It comes with a box.

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