Goryeo Celadon Dish with Black and White Inlaid Chrysanthemum Design


A celadon dish fired in the middle of the Goryeo dynasty. The Nyoi-tou (head of Buddhism wand) pattern is inlaid in a circle in the centre of the front face, and chrysanthemum patterns are inlaid in black and white on the exterior.

After a zenith of pure celadon, influenced by the Song dynasty, in the 12th century, the inlaying technique was uniquely developed in Goryeo. The extravagant decoration was prefered after a coup of military officers (1170), and the decrease in Chinese influence gave them unique shapes and designs. This piece is produced in Kangjin or Buan, the central production of the celadon, and the refined technique can be seen from the thin body, intricate inlay, and beauty in colour.

There are several minor chips and a short Y-shaped hairline on the rim. The surface is partly aged a little but generally maintains a good lustre. It comes with a box.

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