Jin Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware White Slip Teabowl with Fluted Design


A bowl fired in a Cizhou-type kiln during the Jin dynasty. The cylindrical body raised from the flared base, and the fluted pattern was designed on the exterior. The transparent glaze that covers the white slip is soft and lustrous and has deep glaze drops, and scenery stains occur by ageing.

Initially, the Cizhou kilns produced everyday wares for the commoners, but from the Huizong periods of Northern Song, the production of ritual vessels was increased. This piece, which was fired in the Jin dynasty, also follows this trend, and the shape and elaborate decoration indicate the superior quality. The “Shirokake Rengemon Bowl” in the Nihon Mingeikan (Japan Folk Crafts Museum) is one of the same examples. Yet, this piece stands out for its graceful, high-waisted form and is a profound work that evokes the shamanism of the Jurchen tribe.

Some hairlines and defects occurred during the kiln process, but they all turned out to the landscapes and enhanced the aura of this bowl. It is an outstanding teabowl as well as suitable for flower arrangements. It comes with a box.

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