Tang Dynasty Changsha Ware Ewer with Banana Tree Deign in Underglaze Green and Brown


An ewer fired in a Changsha kiln in the Tang dynasty. It has a trumpet-shaped lip with a faceted spout and a three-stringed handle. The vividly drawn exotic banana tree pattern is preferable among the various Changsha kiln patterns.

Located in what is now Wangcheng County, Changsha City, Hunan Province, the Changsha ware began during the Xianzong Yuanwa era of the Tang dynasty (806-820). It developed from a single-colour glaze, which descended from its former, the Yuezhou ware, to a celadon glaze in underglaze decoration which flourished for about 140 years. Due to the geographical conditions blessed with water transport, many products were shipped overseas, and excavations from around Iran are particularly conspicuous. A flat jar with Arabic characters was also found in a tomb in Yangzhou, indicating that the kiln had a unique origin related to trade with the Middle East.

Partial aged, slight glaze flakings, and soil stains can be seen. There are minor repairs on the spout, and the top and bottom of the handle are joined together, but it is in relatively good condition for Changsha ware ewer. It comes with a box.

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