Ko-Imari Blue and White Cylindrical Cup with Chrysanthemum and Lattice Design


A half-cylindrical cup made in Arita in the middle of the Edo period. A representative design of the Hirose Kiln or the Mouemon Kiln on Mt. Hirose, which is later replicated by the Seto and Mino wares and Kyo ware, but the initial ones from Arita has a wider hip shape. In this area, in c.1780, they developed into blue and white like this piece after celadon half-cylindrical cups were made, and later, shifted to the so-called “Koro-chawan” with a rounded hip. The low-temperature firing finish gives it a soft texture, and the faded blue colour is preferable.

There is a chip on the bottom. An excellent Gintsugi repair was applied to the lip. It comes with a storage box.

  • Repaired by

    Kintsugi Ryuin

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