Karatsu Ware Mishima Type Teabowl


A Mishima Karatsu teabowl fired in Takeo in the early Edo period. It has a slightly deep and thin body, and the inside and outside are decorated with various inlay patterns.

Mishima Karatsu is one of the Karatsu ware styles, modelled Korean Mishima-type by transmitting the inlay technique from the Korean potters. This type began producing in the 1620s in the northern part of Takeo and was later carried over to the southern part of Takeo, later called Ko-Takeo. This piece was fired in the middle of the 17th century and is attractive as its exquisite workmanship pays close attention to details. The quint base treatment and the skin has a deep lustre peculiar to heirlooms.

There are four minor Kintsugi repairs on the lip and three hairlines. It comes with a drawstring pouch and box.

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