Yatsushiro Ware Celadon Teabowl with Inlaid Chrysanthemum Design


A Yatsushiro ware teabowl made in Higo in the late Edo period. The lip is shaped into a square, and inlaid chrysanthemum patterns are designed on each face. A lustrous transparent glaze covers the whole body, and the skin shows a deep reddish purple. Among Yatsushiro ware, which produced many inlay design examples, this type of Goryeo celadon-style black and white slip inlay was applied from the 19th century onwards. An elegant teabowl that fully demonstrates the beauty of its design.

One line that occured from the kiln process can be seen inside the rim but does not pass through the exterior. There are no noticeable defects, and the condition is excellent. It comes with a box.

  • Hakogaki

    Serpent Rhythm Continuum

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