Ming Dynasty Ko-sometsuke Blue and White Porcelain Dish with Pine Tree and Cloud Design


A Ko-sometsuke dish fired in a private kiln of Jingdezhen at the end of the Ming dynasty. The Ko-sometsuke is a group of Chinese blue and white porcelain exported to the Japanese market. They are categorised into two types that is “Joki Ko-sometsuke (tableware)” and “Chaki Ko-sometsuke (tea utensils). This piece is a typical example of “Joki Ko-sometsuke”, with a thin body of about 5 cm. The mushikui occurs in the rim, and sand adheres to the bottom of the foot ring. A pine tree with auspicious clouds on the part of its trunk evokes a sense of humour in the tranquil design.

There is a hairline on the rim. Other than that, there are no noticeable defects, and the condition is good.

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