Later Lê Dynasty Blue and White Dish with the Chinese Character “Virtue” Design


A blue and white dish fired during the Later Lê dynasty to the Mạc dynasty in Đại Việt (current Vietnam). This piece was produced simultaneously as the group of Vietnamese ceramic in Japan called “Annam Shibori-te” during the turmoil of the decentralized period and the abolition of the Haijin ban (1567) in the Ming Dynasty. The same type of dish manufactured by the lying down baking has been found in Vietnam and Hoi An shipwreck, and it is presumed that it was a common type at that time.

At least in the 13th century, the Vietnamese logographic writing system based on the Chinese character “Chữ Nôm” was innovated and developed their own writing culture. Various Chinese characters are also recognized in their ceramics, but in most cases, they are drawn small in the interior or exterior of the bowl. However, this dish’s design, which is largely drawn to the character “德 (virtue)”, is unique and rare.

The shape is neat and undistorted, and the glaze is smooth and lustrous. The condition is excellent except for some kiln grit. There are handwriting by ink on the inside of the base. Come with a box.

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