Joseon Dynasty Gohon Type Teabowl


A teabowl fired in the Busan kiln run by the Tsushima feudal clan and ruled by Japan in the middle of the Joseon era. Gohon chawan is the teabowls fired in Korea by ordered from Japan with detailed preferences, and it tells the aesthetics of what teabowls have to be at that moment.

The opaque glaze thinly applied on the brown semi-porcelain clay gives a yellowish colour, and a clear wheel mark stands out from the waist to the mouth. While the work emphasizes the use of a spatula, which is similar to the so-called Genetsu-gohon, the base with the corners cut off is reminiscent of the so-called Goshomaru teabowl, which was an early ordered piece designed by Furuta Oribe. It is a bowl suitable for the aesthetic sense of Wabi-sabi, with the guidance of the potter.

An inherited piece that has been served tea for a long time. There are two small Kintsugi repairs on the rim and a minor hairline, but the condition is generally good. Comes in an old box with the missing string, described as “Korai ○○○ Chawan” (○ are undecipherable) on the lid.

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