Oribe Ware So-Oribe Style Bottle with Incised Hanging Persimmons Design


Price range : ¥750,000 - ¥1,000,000

An exquisite Oribe ware sake bottle, crafted during the early Edo period, embodies the graceful charm of the So-Oribe (Monochrome Oribe) style. Charmly incised plum blossoms grace the shoulder, while hanging persimmons drape from semicircular curtains adorning the body. The interplay of copper-green glaze cascading from the curtain centres and the glimpses of Ki-Seto glaze peeking through create a mesmerising harmony. These pieces, probably tailor-made, showcase a remarkable fusion of existing techniques, rendering them truly exceptional even among the rare So-Oribe style.

Having been unearthed and passed down through generations, this bottle bears the marks of its journey, with a sticking mark delicately scraped away in its early days. Despite slight distortion on the spout from this sticking mark, it now resembles the elegant shape of a Tobi-guchi (kite beak), enhancing its practicality. With a capacity of approximately 500 ml, it exhibits minor wobbling and a hairline crack resembling a bird’s foot on its base. A box with the origin documented accompanies it.

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